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Baseball Indicators

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· Referee in amateur baseball, the score book when creating in Baseball Indispensable thing is the "baseball indicators". Indicator is broken or if, even if I forget You can rest assured as long into the smartphone. In order to be able to set count, runner, inning, the score Has been developed. The paid version is (Ver3.0) Add the following functions: demand was often -I can now set the number of innings each. Runner comes out fur ball. Strike out will increase out count. · [F] button Foul · [DB] dead ball runner button appears.
Count · [B] = Ball · [S] = Strike · [O] = Out
Runner · [1B] · [2B]· [3B]
Other · [R] = Clear · [ALL] = All clear · [F] = Foul · [DB] = Dead ball